Increasing Operational Success for Chains and Franchises

Move beyond BI and dashboards…
the ONLY Real-Time Operational Intelligence Platform

Drive team performance in real time.

truOI is an enterprise platform that integrates all software, measurement, coaching, and training systems under one umbrella application to understand and manage your true operational intelligence.

truOI is the ONLY real-time OI platform.

Our easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy platform measures and manages real-time data from POS systems, CRM, loyalty programs, royalty applications, legacy software, customer service, accounting systems, marketing, inventory, labor, time management, payroll, Excel, and any other strategic information you have both at the corporate and unit level.

An Enterprise Performance Management Success Platform Designed for Multi-Unit Chains

How It Works

Why Growth-Directed Chains Are Choosing truOI

truOI integrates all your data in real time enabling your executive teams and unit team members to make informed decisions to manage their operations more effectively when needed.

Transform your business — Get started today!

Increase your operational success and improve your chain performance in real time.


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